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Solely creativity does not make it. In a business environment the creativity is framed within all business specific conditions (including a number of hidden degrees of freedom). You simply have to add competence.


By founding Hector Rail in 2004 and developing it to a company with a contracted turnover which exceeds 1000 MSEK (100 MEUR) in 2017 you can be confident I do have the creativity and competence needed to create value in the railway sector.


Creativity is the difference that makes the difference. Knowledge  about structure and processes are commonly available, but to be creative within the framework of your business is what really creates value


I do it because I love it

Railway photos

If you are familiar with the action, you can take better photos of it. I do all types of railway photos. I also have an extensive archive of photos from the mid-seventies. All photos on this web page are by me.


Let my extensive experience of all aspects of rail operations,such as

technology, operations, infrastructure, regulations, finances, politics, customer demands etc

help you to boost your success in the railway universe

Every task can be solved

Extensive network

      I have a network of complementary experts. I take care of involving the right people if necessary and coordinates the complete task. I also know the market, customers, suppliers, conditions and of course also the players in the market.

Rail is complex, there are so many dimensions and the interaction between infrastructure and vehicles are also more complex than for any other mode of transport. To be able to take care and optimise this you need truly lateral skills and competences.

Economy, Technology, Politics, Authorities...

I can take care of the complexity